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While we love taking your dogs for long walks, we have some other tricks up our sleeves. Dogs About Town are proud to offer a wide variety of professional pet services, including group walks, solo walks, weekend adventure walks, training and even pet visits (not just for dogs!). We have it all and we aim to keep our prices reasonable and fair. Take a look for yourself.


1 hour Group Dog Walks

Our main priority when walking your pups is their safety, with fun being a very close second. We will never walk your dogs near busy roads instead preferring to find spaces where they can be let off lead (with your permission of course) and have a great time either playing with each other, exploring or, in some of the current packs case, sniffing eeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeerrrryy blade of grass, stick and flower they come across (I'm looking at you Pablo). We are insured to walk up to 6 dogs at any one time and under no circumstances would we exceed that number. In each group walk we have a nice mix of dogs that like to chase, want to be chased or want to be left alone so they can check everything out. They are a friendly bunch and welcome any newcomers with a complimentary bum sniff! On particularly muddy days your pups will be rinsed off and returned exhausted and ready for a well earned nap.

½ hour Group Dog Walks

½ hour walks are exactly the same as 1 hour ones but are better suited for young puppies (up to 9 months), small or the more mature dog

1 hour Solo Dog Walk

If your dog really doesn't like other dogs or travelling then this may be the walk for them

½ hour Solo Dog Walk

This is the same as the full hour solo walk, but, may be better suited to young puppies (up to 9 months) or more mature dogs

Weekend Adventure Walks

Picking your pooch up in the morning we will take them somewhere new and exciting for them to explore where they will be walked for at least 2 hours within a group. Ideal if you have jobs around the house or somewhere to be at the weekend so you don't have to worry about leaving them all day. These happen once a month (more often if there is demand for certain days) and the dates will be announced at least a month in advance. If you need any particular dates then let us know ASAP and we can see if we can help.

training & visits

Dog Training

£30.00(per hour) 
We are qualified in Positive Dog Training and can teach your pooch basic instructions and a few tricks (recall, sit, stay, loose lead walking etc). Anything else we can put you in touch with somebody who can help (separation anxiety, aggressive behaviour etc). Only one dog is trained at a time so they get our full attention

Pet Visits

£10.00(per 30 mins) 
Going on holiday and need somebody to pop in and feed the cat, rabbit, goldfish, iguana or kids (obviously not the kids, I'm an animal lover!) then this is what you need. Feeding, cleaning and cuddles for half an hour either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Home Boarding

Home Boarding

£25.00(per night*) 
We have recently been through the process of obtaining a license for boarding dogs and passed our inspection with flying colours. If you don't fancy leaving your fur baby in a kennels while you are away we will provide a home from home for them. Be warned though, they will be allowed on the sofa and they might not want to come back! Please get in touch for more details.

James Clark - Licence #AW32018

* bank holidays, Christmas and New Year prices on request

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A professional pet services company you can trust to care for your pets as well as we care for our own. Dog walking, training and pet home visits are available along with pet taxi services (check availability before hand).


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